Clean energy is the future and the future is now.

for a better world
for future generations
Revolutionary Technology 
for a better world
for future generations

Hydrogen Energy

Zero-carbon renewable fuel offering greater efficiency clean energy sources.

Terravis Energy Heat Pump

Super-efficient decarbonized heating and cooling solution – even in extreme temperatures

Solar Energy

Harness our largest renewable energy source with high-efficiency technology

Grid-Connected Chargers

Reliable and affordable charging solutions to support the changing infrastructure of BEVs

Discover Terravis Energy

Terra=Earth, Vis=Force. Terravis Energy is committed to continually developing new technologies, working towards a future free of carbon emissions from vehicles and working towards a zero-carbon footprint for all.

Our mission:

to harness and advance renewable, green energy-based technologies.

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Lorenzo H. Rossi

The driving force behind Terravis Energy and a director of Worksport from its inception, Mr. Rossi is our President and CEO. Focused on providing the solutions needed to reach a zero-carbon footprint, his favorite saying is “Net zero or zero future”. Discover more about Terravis Energy in the video below:

Our Solutions

With in-house technology that is developed and patented by Terravis Energy, and ground-breaking solar innovations, we are forming solutions to the problems we face today, redefining how we create and consume energy. By focusing on everyday products that are known to introduce the most emissions to our environment, our solutions are an investment in the future of cleantech, and a greener tomorrow for all.