Grid-Connected Chargers

Advanced Technology for Reliable Power

The Impact of Grid-Connected Chargers

Range anxiety and a lack of charging infrastructure are major deterrents to the electric vehicle (EV) adoption rate. Terravis Energy is on a mission to decarbonize transportation. Our grid-connected chargers, the Terravis Energy DC Fast Chargers and the Terravis Energy wireless car chargers, offer superior charging capabilities, supporting the infrastructure necessary to drive EV adoption and contribute to a future free of fossil fuels.




The Power of Grid-Connected Chargers

Terravis Energy DC Fast Chargers use internal components designed to stand the test of time. Our technology is thoroughly tested to the highest standards and has been proven to be reliable and resilient. Terravis Energy is dedicated to reducing greenhouse gases by offering charging stations with lower maintenance costs and long-term reliability.

The Future of Terravis Energy DC Fast Charger Technology

Our goal is to facilitate the adoption of BEVs by providing secure, reliable and affordable charging stations. There are far too many non-working charging stations in North America. Terravis Energy’s fast-charging solutions will help to mitigate range anxiety and push the adoption of electric vehicles to the mainstream.

Terravis Energy grid-connected options

Our grid-connected charging options are designed to bolster the charging infrastructure, both at home and on the road.

Terravis Energy DC Fast Chargers

The TerraV charging station is ideal for metropolitan areas. Available in two configurations: 60Kwh and 120Kwh.

Terravis Energy wireless car chargers

A grid-connected wireless charging solution that makes charging your vehicle as easy as pulling into your garage.

Generating Revenue

Terravis Energy DC Fast Chargers will generate ongoing revenue in several ways. TerraV charge stations will enjoy a stream of revenue through ownership of charge points. Stations may also be sold to malls, commercial businesses or the government. A monthly maintenance fee will provide ongoing revenue following private sales.

Terravis Energy wireless car chargers can be made available to homebuilders where they will be offered as a value-added feature to new homeowners.

Stay on the grid. Terravis Energy has you connected.

Grid-connected chargers will drive EV adoption rates and offer affordable solutions to all.