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Why Terravis Energy Nanogrid?

The Terravis Energy Nanogrid comes complete with a fuel cell commensurate to the size of the home and an electrolyzer to match as well as a photovoltaic (solar) system designed to complement the Nanogrid and the Terravis Energy BESS (Battery Energy Storage System) to store generated power. Because they are restricted to a single building (or single load), Nanogrids are not subject to the same restrictions prohibiting the transfer of power that typical grid-connected solutions may encounter. Once the Terravis Energy Nanogrid is installed the only requirement from the homeowner will be a source of water.

Independence from & Immunity to Community Outages

Since the Terravis Energy Nanogrid will be grid-independent, requiring only access to water, minimal building site preparation will be necessary. A house can essentially be built anywhere without the traditionally required electrical transformers or natural gas lines. In addition, the HVAC system will be completely green as provided by the Terravis Energy Heat Pump. Completely off-grid, the Terravis Energy Nanogrid will also be immune from power outages, including rolling blackouts.

Nanogrid Energy Production

Terravis Energy’s Nanogrid creates energy while working to help eliminate the third (3rd) largest source of carbon emissions. In addition to being grid-independent, the Terravis Energy Nanogrid is fully capable of powering the green home of tomorrow in a net-positive surplus. This surplus will allow the homeowner to sell their excess energy back to the grid, further reducing the carbon footprint for the homeowner and the community as a whole.

Optimized to the Homeowner

Because fuel cell stacks are modular, each Terravis Energy Nanogrid can be custom-designed to suit the needs of the individual homeowner.

Generating Revenue

Revenue may be generated via multiple applications. The complete Terravis Energy Nanogrid system, including the Nanogrid, BESS, and Heat Pump, will generate revenue from homebuilders or renovators via their contractor of choice. Terravis Energy will also offer an optional monthly monitoring and maintenance fee with every system.

The all-in-one home solution you can feel good about, the Terravis Energy Nanogrid

Off-grid power with near-endless capabilities, find out more about the Terravis Energy Nanogrid today!