NPEV + H² (Hydrogen)

Innovation for all Zero Emission Vehicles

A Hybrid Charging Solution

The latest innovation from Terravis Energy in collaboration with Ontario Technical University, the Terravis Energy NPEV + Hydrogen (H2) is both a charge station for battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and a refuelling station for hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles (HFCEVs). A hybrid solution designed for all zero-emission vehicles, the Terravis Energy NPEV + H2 is the next generation of fast charging.

Security in Charging & Transparency

The NPEV will include a set of secure hydrogen tanks that offer regular refilling by a contracted H2 supplier. One tank will be able to charge roughly 25 to 30 BEVs. At 120Kwh, it would take approximately 20-30 minutes for a full charge.

The system will be connected through 4/5G-Wifi, allowing for over-the-air monitoring and payments. With the connectivity, the H2 supplier will be notified when it is time to refill the tanks with green hydrogen.

Flexible Production & Functionality

With the NPEV + H2, hydrogen can be produced through a built-in electrolyzer powered by a BESS (Battery Energy Storage System) and a photovoltaic solar canopy that will span the charge centre. This will allow energy production to be automated and monitored over the air. This technology will advance the adoption of all zero-emission vehicles with its clean energy adding to the much-needed charging infrastructure.

The NPEV + H2 is easily installed anywhere there is a water source nearby.

Generating Revenue

Similar to the Terravis Energy NPEV, the NPEV + H2 will provide numerous options for revenue streams. The unit itself can be sold as a stand-alone system with an ongoing 24/7 monitoring and maintenance fee.

Terravis Energy could also retain ownership of the system and collect revenue from charges.

Clean energy fast-charging for Zero Emission Vehicles

The power of hydrogen makes range anxiety a thing of the past for ZEVs with the Terravis Energy NPEV + H2