Off-Grid renewable energy EV Chargers

What is NPEV?

The Terravis Energy NPEV™ is our patented Non-Parasitic Electric Vehicle fast-charger. Operating completely independently of the grid, the Terravis Energy NPEV™ will produce 120Kwh with two combined charging connectors delivering 60Kwh per connection. An average BEV (battery electric vehicle) can achieve 80% charge in less than 30 minutes.

The New Standard for Charging

Each Terravis Energy NPEV™ fast-charger will have a set of hydrogen tanks that will be filled regularly by a contracted hydrogen supplier. A single tank will be able to charge between 25 to 30 BEVs. An NPEV™ location with six tanks will contain an overall “fuel” footprint of 54 square inches by 58 inches tall with a capacity of up to 180 charges. With each NPEV™, consumers can charge up to 3 vehicles at 30/40 Kwh or 1 at 120 KWh and another at 40kwh.

Every Terravis Energy NPEV™ fast-charger will be connected through 4 to 5G Wifi and monitored continuously, allowing for timely refills.

Easy Installation

Because it is grid-independent, the Terravis Energy NPEV™ fast-charger is installed quickly and easily even in rural areas as long as there are access roads. Terravis Energy technology can be deployed or moved if needed in mere hours due to ease of installation. Fully scalable, the Terravis Energy NPEV™ is a solution focused on the future expansion of EV adoption.

A Solution Fit for Everyone’s Needs

With the versatility to be placed anywhere and without any geographical restrictions, the NPEV™ is entirely independent of the power grid. Power failures and rolling blackouts will not affect its performance. Battery electric vehicles (BEVs) can charge their vehicles regardless of whether there is power available to their neighbourhood.

Since the Terravis Energy NPEV™ fast-charger is 100% independent from the power grid, it will free up grid power for more vital applications like hospitals and schools. It will provide clean energy through the facilitation of BEVs that stretch beyond metropolitan areas. In turn, this decarbonizes transportation through the reduction of carbon emissions.

Generating Revenue

Since it offers flexible solutions, the NPEV™ fast-charger could be sold commercially as a turnkey solution with 24/7 monitoring and maintenance from Terravis Energy.

For stations that remain fully owned by Terravis Energy, revenue can be collected with each charge.

Partnership with Ontario Tech University

Terravis Energy has partnered with Ontario Tech University on a 5-year collaboration plan focused on developing an NPEV™ that will use its own electrolyzer, which will have the ability to generate and store H2 on-site, which will effectively remove the need to swap hydrogen tanks. This hybrid NPEV™ will be built to service both BEVs and also the FCEVs (Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles) of the future.

By developing a hybrid NPEV charge station with a solar canopy included, Terravis Energy can help craft a unique hybrid solution that spans the entire spectrum of the electric transportation market.

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