Power Guardian

Uninterrupted living, one watt at a time

Introducing Terravis Energy Home Battery Back-Up System: Your Ultimate Power Solution

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Why Choose Terravis Energy Power Guardian?

Terravis is revolutionizing the way you power your home. Our state-of-art Home Battery Back-Up System is designed to be your ultimate energy solution, offering seamless integration with the grid, solar panels, and various household loads. With Terravis, you’re note just buying a product; you’re investing in reliability, efficiency, and peace of mind.

Key Features

Versatile Energy Sources

Our System can draw power from the grid or your solar panels, ensuring you're never without electricity.

Power Guardian Controller

This all-in-one enclosure is the heart of the system, managing energy conversion and offering high-speed response and reliability.

High-Capacity Battery Bank

With 10.2 KWh/200Ah of power, our batteries guarantee normal power consumption even when solar energy or main supply is insufficient.

Household Compatibility

Power everything from your refrigerator and TV to air conditioners and office equipment.

Advanced Technology

Photovoltaic Module

Convert solar energy into direct or alternating current to power your home or charge the battery.

Home Energy Control

Our HF-H series integrates solar and municipal power storage with AC sine wave output. Choose from four charging modes and two output modes to meet your specific needs.

Safety & Efficiency

Built-in Safety Features

Our batteries come with built-in fuses, thermal management, and a battery management system to protect against over/under voltage.

High Efficiency

With a round-trip efficiency of 95% and very low standby consumption, our lithium-ion batteries are a cut above the rest.

Specifications & Warranty

Power Spec

10.2 KWh / 200Ah

Battery Voltage

48V / 51.2 V


2-year warranty for the inverter and 3-year warranty for the batteries.

Contact Us

For more information please email: info@terravisenergy.com