Solar Energy

Harness the Power of the Sun

Why Solar Energy

The sun is our most abundant and reliable resource. In addition to being completely green and renewable, solar energy technology has advanced recently, offering a clean alternative to fossil fuels. At Terravis Energy, we are dedicated to harnessing the sun’s power, looking for ways to increase potential conversion efficiency, resulting in higher power generation.

Our Solar Energy Solutions

Terravis Energy is dedicated to reaching new heights of solar energy. Experience the power of what is possible. Explore our technologies:

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Today’s Technology

Terravis Energy has entered the market strong with our sister company Worksport, using the latest technology with Monocrystalline Solar Panels in their newest products. The Worksport COR and the Worksport SOLIS create the Terravis System by Worksport, powered by Terravis Energy innovations. With an average efficiency of 15-20% in ideal conditions, Monocrystalline technology presents a solid opportunity in a growing market.

Tomorrow’s Solutions

Believing that to be the best, you have to partner with the best in the industry, Terravis Energy has teamed up with GreatCell to work on the next generation of solar tech, the Perovskite cell. With approximately double the energy of monocrystalline silicon, Perovskite’s bandgap photoluminescence collects a broader light spectrum, offering greater possibility in almost any application.

Lighting the Way to a Brighter Future

The solar technology of tomorrow will light the way. Quantum dot solar cells use less bulk material, allowing for better photovoltaic absorption. Adjustable and adaptable, these cells will offer improved efficiency and lower overall cost. Terravis Energy will continue to explore new technologies now and into the future.

Terravis Energy is innovation. Be part of the future.